Tanzkurs Winterball 2022

In preparation for the Winter Ball, a dance course will be held over 3 evenings. This dance course costs a total of only 10€ per person and is led by a very experienced ballroom dancer. The dance course will be paid on the spot at the first appointment.

The dance course takes place in the magistral of the MI building.

Preferred is a registration as a dancing couple. A solo registration is of course also possible. PLEASE NOTE IF YOUR PARTENER IS ALSO REGISTERED OR IF YOU COME SOLO. A few days before the first date first-come-first-serve the same number of seekers are asked to come earlier on the first date and find each other. Those who remain solo afterwards can of course still come, but should bring a dance partner. There will most likely be no free dance partners on site.

Dancing course 28.11., 30.11 und 5.12.

Nov. 28, 2022

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