To prevent larger crowds of people, we had to decide to require a registration for participating in real-world events of the study introduction days.

The preliminary program includes a campus tour as well as receiving a free goodie bag and lecture notes.

Please be honest and register for one slot / group only, each for the "pre-SET" and the rallye. The meeting point for the pre-SET is in front of the main entrance of the MI-building.

And please do not forget that we are organizing the SET voluntarily and that we are only students, in case something might not go as planned ;)

Preliminary Program

The meeting point will be the main entrance to the MI building in Garching ( Of course, it is up to you how long you stay, as long as it's not getting to crowded.

Oct. 19, 2020 Oct. 20, 2020 Oct. 21, 2020 Oct. 22, 2020 Oct. 23, 2020 Oct. 24, 2020 Oct. 25, 2020 Oct. 26, 2020 Oct. 27, 2020 Oct. 28, 2020

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For questions regarding the registration, please contact

For all other questions regarding the study introduction days, feel free to write to

All remaining questions will be answered on or at your visit at the campus :)